Man with ‘abnormally’ long thumb confirms it’s real and it’s freaking people out

We all have quirky talents or features that make us stand-out from one another, but one man’s “abnormal” trait has received more attention than most.

Typically, 21-year-old Jacob Pina’s thumb measures two inches in length, but it can extend to a whopping five and a half inches.

Jacob first discovered that his thumb was unique when he was a teenager.

And despite how “abnormal” it is, doctors confirmed that it wasn’t linked to any underlying medical conditions.

Now, he has built up an extensive fan base on TikTok for posting regular videos going about his daily life with his incredibly long digit.

Whilst a number of people were quick to say it was fake and the videos he had posted had been edited, Jacob was quick to set the record straight.

Speaking to Buzzfeed, Jacob confirmed that his expendable thumb is real.

He explained: “I just dislocate my thumb, by forcing it out of its socket, to make it appear longer.

“My doctor says it’s abnormal but can’t officially link it to any known medical conditions.”

Since he already has long fingers, he said it’s hard to notice the freakish nature of his thumb until he dislocates it, which is supposedly painless.

Jacob admits that he never expected for his thumb to receive so much recognition, winning him over one million followers.

He said: “When I posted my first video to TikTok, I had no clue I’d get this sort of attention from it. People have mixed reactions, like disgusted, freaked out, or curious.”

When Jacob reacted to a fan’s comment which read: “How is this guy mutating his thumb and scientists are not taking his DNA?” TikTok users were extremely freaked out by the sound of the bones in his thumb cracking.

One person said: “IT MAKES A NOISE?! OH GOD.”

Another added: “Wait hold on a sec, this is not a joke…?”

And a third wondered: “How do you put it back together?”

Growing up, Jacob’s mum Karen Pragana said she never worried about her son’s long thumb and admitted often joking with him that he got it from the long hours he spent gaming.