Teachers Make Social Distancing Fun – By Turning Desks Into Jeeps for Their 1st Grade Students

Do you remember your very first day at school? For most of us, it was so exciting to meet a teacher for the first time. It was great fun to have new classmates and a real desk to sit at.

For children this year, things are a little different. It’ll still feel thrilling to be in a new environment, to wear a special uniform. But it might also be a little scary to be sitting at a desk surrounded by strange plastic screens as a six-year-old.

These two Florida teachers have figured out a way to make those plastic dividers—installed on desks to protect children during the age of COVID-19—less nerve-wracking, and more totally, joyfully brilliant.

First-grade teachers Patricia Dovi and Kim Martin, of St. Barnabas Episcopal School in DeLand, Florida have turned coronavirus dividers into the windshields and windows of, yes, Jeeps.

“Anything that we can do to add some silliness and some creativity to get them excited is going to be really important in the longevity of this school year,” Dovi told Insider.

The school supplied the plexiglass; Dovi and Martin paid for the decorations out of their own pockets. Martin estimates that the desks took about a week to complete. Wasn’t all that work worth it?

Family and friends of these two inspiring teachers helped turn the desks into colorful Jeeps with personalized license plates.

Each student arrived just yesterday, to find their very own ‘car’ waiting for them.

“It’s going to be more fun to say, ‘Hey, purple Jeep, you’re getting out of your lane,’” Martin joked. “I think it will be a smart way to keep the kids engaged.” We have no doubt about that.